What dosing do you recommend?

1 pump = 2 mg dose of CBD
Apply 1 pump per 20 lb to the inner ear of your pet up to 3x/day

 Weight Recommended Dose (up to 3x/day) Breeds
Up to 20 lbs 1 pump / 2 mg Chihuahua, Yorkie, Toy Poodle, Dachshund
20 - 40 lbs 2 pumps / 4 mg Pug, Border Collie, Beagle
40 - 60 lbs 3 pumps / 6 mg Dalmation, Pit Bull
60 - 80 lbs  4 pumps / 8 mg Labrador Retriever, Boxer
80 - 100 lbs 5 pumps / 10 mg Rottweiler, Greyhound
100+ lbs 6 pumps / 12 mg Great Dane, Mastiff

What sets CBD Pet Care apart from other CBD products?

Our formula was created and formulated by Dr. Gary Pusillo-MS, PHD, PAS, ACAN, a world-renowned, board certified animal nutritionist. He is the leading animal nutritionist in his field, having developed over 2,000 animal product formulations over his 35+ year career. His expertise has contributed to 17 Kentucky Derby winners with numerous awards in the equine community. His formulations are the basis for some of the most successful animal pharmaceutical nutrition and natural health care products in the world. Dr. Pusillo integrated unique ingredients such as lemon myrtle and MSM into our formula.

Why Lemon Myrtle & MSM?

Lemon myrtle has been used by Aborigines for centuries to combat their joint pain and anxiety. Lemon myrtle and MSM have proven to further support muscle & joint inflammation, hot spots and more… Plus, it smells GREAT!

What does Multi-Action mean?

Multi-Acton means more than one active ingredient is combined in our product magnify the benefits of the intended use: joint pain, calming anxiety, neuro-cognitive and immune system support.

How does combining hemp with other active ingredients uniquely support pet health & wellness?

Blending broad-spectrum hemp with other active ingredients allows us to create a more powerful product. Our proprietary blend of organic hemp complex contains a full entourage of natural constituents that contribute to general health & wellness. Combined with other well-researched ingredients, our formula is more powerful and benefits neurological and immune system wellness. It has also shown to be calming and aid in relaxation, joint pain, mobility, cognitive and immune response health.

Is CBD Pet Care safe for all pets and can it make them "high"?

CBD Oil for Pets is made with non-psychoactive organic broad-spectrum hemp. Hemp contains undetectable levels of THC. So no, it cannot make your pet high.

Is CBD Pet Care legal for sale and use in all 50 states?

Yes, CBD Pet Care is federally legal for sales in all 50 states because it contains organic agricultural hemp, not THC.

How should the CBD Pet Care Transdermal Pen be stored?

It's important to store the CBD Pet Care Transdermal pen in a cool, dry area outside of direct sunlight and away from heat sources. We recommend storing the pen in environments between 40˚ - 75˚ F to maintain an optimal shelf life. Freezing the pen is not recommended and should be avoided.

How long will it take to receive my order?

We process and ship all orders within 1 business day (2:00 PM CST cutoff time).

United States

For the U.S.A., we currently offer USPS First Class shipping (3-5 business days) for a flat rate of $5.99. 


For Canada, we currently offer USPS First Class shipping (7-21 business days) for a flat rate of $25.00

What is your return policy?

We guarantee satisfaction. Please let us know if you are disappointed in the therapeutic performance of our products. To initiate the return process, please send an email to: customerservice@thegreenpetshopcbd.com including your name, address, order number and reason for return.