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CBD Pet Care Transdermal Pen - (100mg CBD)
Melanie Koske (Gig Harbor, US)
Calm, Peaceful, Happy Kitty

After just two doses my 10 yr old cat was calmer, less aggressive and generally in a good mood. He's been through some tough times, broken leg, shot by a bb, dental issues all of which have been resolved, but it's taken a toll. With CBD Pet Care Transdermal Pen dosing is so easy. Benny has become a new cat, a very happy kitty. This stuff is amazing. I've been telling friends and family about it and will definitely be getting on a regular shipment of it. Plus, it's affordable! Thank you!

CBD Pet Care Transdermal Pen - (100mg CBD)
Frederick Gerhardt (Hazen, US)
Lab tested

I have two Labs that have anxiety issues at night. This has been pure magic.

Beneficial to my 17 years old cat.

I’m so happy I found this wonderful transdermal CBD oil. My beloved cat Julius is 17 and has progressed arthritis. It’s very hard for me to give him oral meds/painkillers, but with this very easy to use CBD dispenser life is so much easier for both Julius and I. I rub it in his ear once or twice daily and his ease of movement has definitely improved. Will continue to purchase. Even my vet said CBD for pets has multiple benefits. Both anti inflammatory, pain control and calming. And it’s all natural. Highly recommended!

CBD Pet Care Transdermal Pen - (100mg CBD)
Tracy Paliulis (Willowbrook, US)

My kitty has arthritis in her legs. She struggles to get up but I notice using your cbd product on pets she seems to be getting up quicker.

Really works!

We have used the CBD Pet Care Transdermal Pen on our 6-year old Border Collie for the last few months. Schumacher hates thunder and fireworks - he'll pant and pace, then pant and get as close to my husband as he can, then pant and pace some more. After treating Schumie with CBD, he can comfortably get through a night of fireworks or a bad thunderstorm. He's not totally relaxed, but he is much calmer. He will lay on the couch next to my husband. No panting, no pacing. We treat him about 30 minutes before a loud event and retreat if needed. I just push the pen against my fingers and then rub the gel on his ear flap. It seems to work fairly quickly. We are thrilled to have found something that helps him relax!

CBD Pet Care Transdermal Pen - (100mg CBD)
Katie Tique (Tunkhannock, US)

Has been a great addition to our Callie’s allergy regimen

CBD Pet Care Transdermal Pen - (100mg CBD)
Christina Angeli (Baltimore, US)
Anxious dog

My dog is a super stressball. There are times that he gets so anxious he will throw up so normal CBD treats don’t always help esp if he refused to eat them. But the transdermal pen not only was super easy to use but very effective. We will def be purchasing again

CBD Pet Care Transdermal Pen - (100mg CBD)
Josephine Spada (Fort Lauderdale, US)
Chill Kitty

So glad we got our CBD Pet Care Transdermal Pen for our cat, Speck, during our move. He usually goes with flow, but we feel he needed some extra help with the anxiety from packing, boxes, noises, and constant movement. We received our shipment quickly and with no issues. The CBD worked like a charm and I think Speck was able to process the move better and be less stresses. So glad we found The Green Pet Shop!

CBD Pet Care Transdermal Pen - (100mg CBD)
Jackie Jones (Stephens City, US)
Calming, Soothing, Easy to Apply

My pup is scared to death of thunderstorms. She will sit beside me hiding her head and shaking like a leaf. I use one click (she's 27 lbs) of the Transdermal CBD to my finger and wipe quick to the inside of her ear. Within minutes she is more relaxed and stops shaking (she seems to only need maybe 10ish minutes before she's feeling much better, 20 and she's done! HA!). It absorbs well, and doesn't leave residue in her ear. I wish I had this back during the fireworks! Wonderful product and will definitely recommend!

CBD Pet Care Transdermal Pen - (100mg CBD)
Janet Hecsh (Sacramento, US)
Works Great!

Totally love the ease of use, good results for Opal the wonder dog and her human!

CBD Pet Care Transdermal Pen - (100mg CBD)
Older Cat Mommy (Vancouver, CA)
Wonderful Product - Cat

First of all, this is a great container and concept. I have only used a dropper bottle with oral drops in the past and my cat did not like it. So the fact that this product was transdermal and for pets was a wonderful idea. It came promptly and one tiny drop inserted onto her inner ear flap was enough to keep her calm. I have a very slim, older cat and hope that continued applications will help her with arthritic pain. Thank you for your product!

Satisfied customer

Used for purpose of calming before a haircut. My husband said it really made a difference!! He still puts up a fight but allowed access to toes and nails :-)

CBD Pet Care Transdermal Pen - (100mg CBD)
Pickles Dad (Grayslake, US)
Great for a big dog

We have an 80lb dog I love how easy it is to measure and run into the underside of his ears. Just 4 clicks, less than a teaspoon of ‘gel’. So easy, not greasy or messy! Love it!!! Thank you

CBD Pet Care Transdermal Pen - (100mg CBD)
Stacey Matherne (Paso Robles, US)
Wonderful product

I'm so grateful for the opportunity to use this product. It's high quality and helpful.

Calm Pup

My 11 month old collie, Skye, Is terrified of loud firework noises. Her vet gave me medication but I don’t want her all dopey. Last Monday August 10th, the “Derecho” tore thru Iowa with massive destructive winds. The noise was louder than fireworks. Luckily the CBD has just been delivered than morning. I can attest it was a god sent. Skye and I thank you for a natural alternative.


Nikolai doesn’t like traditional CBD liquid and refuses to take it. I’m so happy I found this pen and he’s so much happier and calm from it. It also really sped up the healing on his paw from a burn.

CBD Pet Care Transdermal Pen - (100mg CBD)
Corinne Mondragon (West Monroe, US)
Great Product!

Love this product! Helped my poodle out tremendously!

CBD Pet Care Transdermal Pen - (100mg CBD)
Rosemary Whitcomb (Rolling Meadows, US)

Hi Team... I just wanted to let you know, this product is amazing!!! I have a very hyper sensitive rescue dog named Mack. Thunder Storms freak him out! 4th of July fireworks freak him out! I have used this on him a few times for the storm’s and it chills him out. No more barking when thunderstorms hit my area! He is so chill. Close to the 4th now, people are starting to set off fireworks and I used this on him last night... I truly helps him calm down! Thank you for the high quality product. Nothing but the best for my Mack! Thanks again for putting out the best product for dogs/cats!

EDIT: My dog is one of the small % of dogs that gets car sick. I just tried this before we needed-to take a car ride. He did amazing! Just chilled out in the back seat. Thank you

Finally something!

The pen works great and it's been the first thing that has worked for my dog with pretty severe anxiety. He usually hates long car rides but with one dose he handled the trip incredibly well. Postal service did something wrong but I was able to get in contact with a representative from the shop very quickly, and their customer service was great. Absolute 5 star experience I will definitely be buying from them again!

CBD Pet Care Transdermal Pen - (100mg CBD)

Love the transdermal cbd in pen for easy application

This is my third pen and love them! Dosage always comes out just right. Use for my super senior 18 yr old poodle who is a little dementia’d and to calm him when he is looking for me. Recently also putting on papillon to calm what triggers the cough due to CHF. And transdermal application is simple while much more efficient than trying to get drops in orally. Satisfied buyer

CBD Pet Care Transdermal Pen - (100mg CBD)
Judith Nicholl (Mundelein, US)
Car anxiety

Really helped with my dog’s anxiety in the car

Wonderful Product and Service

We received the CBD gel pen which I had ordered for my cat to help relieve her arthritis discomfort. I have noticed a huge difference at night———she is seeming to be able to sleep more easily! Thank you so much!

Haven't used yet

Get this!

Have an elder dog which has recently developed sensitivity to thunderstorms. This product works to diminish the anxiety response. Also use for younger dog who is suspicious of proceedings on the grooming table. Very effective to level down to total cooperation. Easy, accurate dosage measurement. Easy application. Fast acting.